Monday, April 26, 2010

If You Have A Sick Ride, You Gotta Car Tranport It

I know that if I had the money to buy the brand new 2011 Rolls Royce Ghost, I would certainly not drive it across the country to move. I would send that puppy on an interstate car transport ride.

That’s right, I’d get it its own private chauffeur to meet me where I’m headed. Because a car so beautiful isn’t made to be taken on road trips (although what a way to cruise, right?) its made for car transporting.

This car, at a mere $245,000, has 543 horsepower, rear coach style doors, and is smaller and more manageable than it’s big brother the Phantom. Although it’s electrically engineered to go no faster than 155 miles per hour, which means New York to Miami in about nine hours, if you didn’t see any cops, those ponies under the hood could go a lot faster. But realistically that’s at least 20 hours in a car, and more than 1500 miles on the dash. Leave the car transport Florida to the pro’s.

Car transporting is a great way to give your car some extra loving. If you don’t want it subject to a perilous move across the country, or state lines, let the fellas at United Routes take care of it.

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